Joint Degree Programs

MD/PhD Program

The Interdisciplinary MD/PhD Program is designed as a seven-year integrated experience. The first two years consist primarily of pre-clinical medical school courses. Laboratory rotations are performed in the summer prior to entering medical school or following the first year. Years 3-5 generally involve full time research towards the PhD degree in a laboratory of your choice. The final two years of the program focus on clinical experience. Coordination between the clinical and research years is designed to facilitate a smooth transition between aspects of the Program.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission to the MD/PhD Program include a strong academic record, letters of recommendation (including at least one from a research mentor), evidence of ability to succeed in a research environment, and competitive MCAT scores (no GRE scores are required). Application should first be made to New Jersey Medical School. During the NJMS application process, a specific application to the MD/PhD Program will be required.

MD/PhD Early Decision Program

Applicants interested in the Early Decision option for the MD/PhD Dual Degree Program will receive prompt review by both the MD and PhD program committees. MD/PhD Early Decision applicants must complete the AMCAS applications by August 1. Additionally, we require applicants to submit the PhD application and all other required materials including the Secondary Application with fee or fee waiver and letters of recommendation by September 1. Notification is sent out by October 1. MD/PhD Early Decision applicants are either admitted to the entering class or placed in the regular applicant pool for consideration. Those placed in the regular applicant pool for consideration are then able to apply to other medical schools.

Research Facilities

The MD/PhD Program was co-founded by the New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS). These schools are strategically located in close proximity to other New York and New Jersey academic and pharmaceutical research institutions, providing a dynamic clinical and research environment. NJMS provides a superb clinical education experience through its facilities at University Hospital and other affiliated hospitals in Essex, Morris and Bergen Counties. In addition, NJMS is associated with a variety of state-of-the-art treatment and research facilities. These include the New Jersey State Trauma Center, the Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, the Center for Human Molecular Genetics, the National Tuberculosis Center, the Center for Emerging and Re-emerging Pathogens, the Informatics Institute, Cancer Center and the International Center for Public Health in Science Park. Laboratory experiences in the Program provide a thorough foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of biomedical research. Research opportunities are available in a wide range of fields including molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, cell biology, immunology, molecular genetics, microbial pathogenesis, pathology, physiology, pharmacology and neurosciences. The research programs are well supported by numerous core facilities, including animal care, transgenic mice, mass spectrometry, molecular resource, microscopic imaging and computing services, as well as the George F. Smith library.

Financial Assistance

Scholarship funding is offered to applicants accepted into the MD/PhD program. Scholarships include full tuition and an annual stipend for each year in the MD/PhD program as follows:

  • Year 1 & 2 - $20,000 annual stipend (paid by NJMS)
  • Years 3-5 - $33,999 annual stipend (paid by SGS)
  • Year 6 & 7 - $29,605 annual stipend (paid by NJMS)
For further information, please contact:

Padmini Salgame, Ph.D.
Director, MD/PhD Program & Graduate Medical Research Program
Professor, Department of Medicine
Centre for Emerging Pathogens
185 South Orange Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103