The Selection Process


Successful Early Decision applicants are accepted on a rolling basis beginning in mid-July. Regular Decision applicants are accepted on a rolling basis from October 15 through March.


Accepted candidates who are currently holding a position in the entering class may request to defer their matriculation for one year. Requests are considered on an individual basis and must be submitted by June 15. Offers of admission do not imply an option to defer matriculation and applicants should not assume that requests will be granted.

Alternate List

Strong applicants who are not initially selected for acceptance may be placed on the Alternate List. Applicants are accepted from the Alternate List beginning in Mid-June.


Once the committee has concluded its deliberations and has voted not to accept an applicant, a letter of regret is sent. This does not imply that the applicant is not qualified to enter medical school. Many eminently qualified students are not offered acceptances solely because of class size restrictions and the large applicant pool.