Early Decision Program

As an Early Decision (ED) applicant to Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (NJMS), you are able to expedite the application process by selecting NJMS as your choice for medical school.

To Apply:

1.      Select Early Decision as the Program Type on AMCAS
2.      Select Rutgers New Jersey Medical School as your only school choice on AMCAS. If you select more than one school, your application program type automatically changes to Regular MD Program instead of Early Decision.
3.      Submit your AMCAS application as ED by August 1st and all other required materials (Secondary Application, Letters of Recommendation, MCAT score results) by September 1st

Our Process:
We are committed to reviewing completed applications within 48 hours of receipt. Interviews begin in early-July and acceptance offers begin in mid-July.

We do NOT wait until October 1, which is the customary ED program deadline


ED applicants are either Accepted to the next entering class or Deferred to Regular Pool for future consideration. Deferred applicants are notified immediately and are able to then apply to additional medical schools of their choice. These applicants are also reviewed again by the NJMS admissions committee a little later in the admissions cycle.

Early Decision MD/PhD
NJMS offers an Early Decision MD/PhD Program option. Applicants would apply by following these steps:

  1. Apply through AMCAS under the Early Decision program and select NJMS as their only choice.
  2. Once you receive the NJMS Secondary Application, indicate interest in the MD/PhD program on the secondary application.

An applicant will then be automatically considered for the MD/PhD program and will receive prompt review by both the MD and MD/PhD program committees exclusively. We will coordinate the interview day so that an applicant may have both interviews (MD and MD/PhD) on the same day if they wish.