Fellowship Conferences
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Fellowship Conferences

  1. Pathology Conference: Weekly conference with a pathologist with specal training in pathology

  2. Journal Club: Twice monthly with discussion of interesting and/or contreversal articles that pertain to gastroenterology and hepatology

  3. Board Review: Based on DDSEP and Mayo Clinic Gastroenterology Board Review Topics

  4. Clinical Case Conference: Interesting Case Presentations with discusssion from faculty and specialties.

  5. Research Conference: Includes updates, QA/QI and review of published data

  6. Journal Review: Interesting articles are summarized from major peer reviewed journals

  7. Gastroenterology – Surgery Conference: Discussion of topics from different fields and strategies to improve interdisciplinary teamwork

  8. Specialty Lectures: Lectures from Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Endocrinology, and others to broaden perspecitve on disease and treatment

  9. Visiting Faculty: Several guests of national repute visit the Division each academic year. A typical visit would include a Grand Rounds-type presentation and opportunity to meet with individual members of the Division over a 24 hour period

  10. Morbidity and Mortaltiy Conference: Attending discussion and academic review

  11. Attendance at Regional & National Conferences: It has been the custom that all fellows will attend one funded educational conference each year. Fellows will attend the annual American Gastroenterological Society Meeting (DDW) at least once during their fellowship. The Program Director undertakes to cover expenses for any fellow to attend a national meeting at which she/he is selected as a presenting author.