Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program - Curriculum

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program
Training Sites

University Hospital

University Hospital

Large safety net hospital providing care to the underserved and underinsured in the Newark NJ area; also busiest trauma center in NJ and the state's only liver transplant center. The fellow gains experience in managing a unique set of challenges with underserved inner-city patient population. The fellows are challenged to engage community partners and leverage resources to overcome social determinants of health. University Hospital, located in Newark, NJ, has 519 licensed beds and a level 1 trauma enter. It is an independent, state owned teaching hospital. In 2020, the university hospital had 83,122 emergency visits, 15,572 admissions, and performed 7,502 outpatient surgeries and 3,977 inpatient surgeries. The role of inpatient geriatric consult team addresses geriatric syndromes prioritizing non-medicine teams such as orthopedic trauma. The University Hospital Ambulatory Care Services (ACS), is composed of 18 major clinical services with a total of 77 specialty clinics located in 5 different campus buildings. In addition, we have two grant-supported programs (Lattimore and School-based) and outpatient therapy services (occupational, physical, radiation, and speech). The Geriatric Care and Consultation Clinic is housed in the Ambulatory Care Center. Patient navigators, medical assistant, nurses, care managers, behavioral therapists, and social worker are available on site. Fellows will have a panel of established primary care geriatric patients. Additionally, fellows will answer consultation from medicine and non-medicine referring physicians.


VA New Jersey Health Care System

VA New Jersey Health Care System (VANJHCS) is located on the Lyons Campus

Geriatrics program at the VA New Jersey Health Care System (VANJHCS) is located on the Lyons campus in North-Central New Jersey; the campus specializes in caring for elderly in outpatient, inpatient and community setting; the inpatient geriatric program consists of a 251 bed nursing home that has 140 Long Term Care beds, a 41 bed Dementia Care Unit, 26 bed Geriatric-Mental Health Care unit, a 26 bed inpatient sub-acute rehabilitation unit, a 12 bed inpatient hospice care unit, and 6 bed inpatient respite care unit. The outpatient geriatric program consists of a specialized, primary care geriatric clinic with nearly 700 enrolled elderly receiving longitudinal care. Additionally, two consultation clinics- Geriatric clinic and Palliative Care clinics are also operative at the Lyons campus. The community program consists of a Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) program with more than 250 elderlies that are a frail and homebound. The interdisciplinary team consisting of medical providers, nurses, physical therapists, dieticians, social workers, mental health providers, pharmacists and palliative care specialists provide primary care in a home setting; Additionally, same team also provides primary care in Medical Foster Homes in the community. The geriatrics program also provides care coordination and oversight of myriad of services: Home Hospice, Purchased Skilled Care program, Home Health Aid services, Adult Day Health Care Program and 6 Contract Nursing Homes in the community. Geriatrics Teaching Faculty at VANJHCS: 6 Board Certified Geriatricians; 2 Board Certified Internists with extensive experience in Long Term Care, 8 Adult/Geriatric Care Nurse Practitioners, 1 Geriatric Psychiatrist, 2 Geriatric Psychologists, 2 Board certified Palliative Care Specialists