Research Activities & Interests

Cancer Screening

  • NJ Cancer Education and Early Detection (NJCEED) Program Screening Access of Value to Men and Women (SAVE) (Dr DeCosimo).

Cultural Issues

  • Academic detailing (Dr Natale-Periera).

  • The Hispanic Center for Excellence (Dr Soto-Greene).

Diabetes Mellitus

Health Care Services


  • HIV and syphilis seroprevalence in an Emergency Department (Dr Jaker).

  • HIV identification and counseling in the Emergency Department (Dr Atkin)

  • HIV screening (Dr Atkin).

Quality Improvement

Medical Education

  • Clerkship timing and disparity in performance of racial-ethnic minorities.

  • Comparison of OSCE grades in different clerkships.

  • Effect of night-call on performance of medical students.

  • Family Medicine and Medicine Clerkships - does rotation sequence make a difference?

  • IMG and non-IMG resident evaluation of students in the Medicine Clerkship.

  • Impact of a medicine clerkship culture curriculum.

  • Mentoring of non-traditional students.

  • Test anxiety before the OSCE versus the NBME Medicine subject examination.

Occupational Medicine

  • Alternative strategies for hepatitis B vaccination for non-responders after the 6th hepatitis B vaccination (Dr Budnick).

  • Needlestick injury reporting (Dr Budnick).

  • Tuberculosis in health care workers (Dr Budnick).


  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse (Dr Atkin).