Fellowship Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program


Weekly conference, held on Wednesday mornings, is protected time for fellows and contains a variety of learning opportunities including:

  • Summer boot camp: Core lecture series, interactive simulations, and workshops focused on basic pulmonary and critical care concepts and procedures (central line insertion, intraosseous catheter insertion, thoracentesis/chest tube placement, endotracheal intubation, bronchoscopy). This series is intended to give incoming fellows a basic understanding of commonly seen conditions and common procedures performed in the ICU and in the bronchoscopy suite.

  • Faculty lectures: In-depth review of pulmonary and critical care topics, by PCCM faculty and those outside our division.

  • Ultrasound Conference: Bi-monthly ultrasound review of images captured by pulmonary and critical care fellows and stored in Qpath. Topics include point-of-care echocardiography, thoracic ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, vascular ultrasound. These sessions are also supplemented by lectures given by faculty who are CHEST ultrasound course instructors.

  • Case Conference: Fellow-driven conference covering the most interesting cases from the pulmonary and critical care services.

  • Journal Club: Fellows present their analysis of relevant literature guided by a senior researcher who reviews methodology and statistics, occurs monthly 

  • MICU M&M: This is a unique peer-review of mortality and morbidity in the University Hospital MICU and occurs monthly

  • Pulmonary Quality Assurance: Conference focused on reviewing pulmonary procedural outcomes.

  • Pulmonary Physiology Sessions

  • Research Conference


Sample Monthly Schedule





Week 1

Intro to the Pulmonary Function Lab

Central Line Insertion Workshop

Ultrasound Conference

Week 2

Fellow Case Conference

Faculty Lecture: ARDS


Week 3

Fellow Case Conference

Faculty Lecture:Asthma


Week 4

Pulmonary QA Review

Faculty Lecture: Sleep Apnea

Journal Club


Other Conferences:

  • Medicine Grand Rounds – weekly

  • Medicine Case Conference - weekly

  • Medicine Morbidity and Mortality - monthly

  • Tuberculosis Grand Rounds – every 2 weeks

  • Thoracic Tumor Board (schedule varies depending on clinical site)