Seminar Schedule


Translational Medicine/Stem Cell Seminar Schedule

This series is hosted by the Dept of Medicine at New Jersey Medical School. Clincal faculty, physician scientists, basic scientists, residents, fellows, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and the general public are the targeted audience.

The goal is to teach how basic science and be translated to patients.

1/24/17 Signal-dependent control of epigenome during breast cancer progression Dr. Rakesh Kumar MSB, E-563
3/23/17 Bench to bedside: cell-free cell therapy Dr. Marc Penn MSB, B610
5/24/17 An introduction to Rutgers Genome Core Facility Drs Romanienko and Yehia MSB, B540
7/10/17 Reversibility of fibrosis of the liver. Fact or fiction? Dr. Nikolaos Pyrsopoulos MSB, B610
8/8/17 Clinically-Relevant Animal Model Dr. Michelle Mack MSB, B610
11/14/17 Integrating patient-derived 3D single stem cell organoids Dr. Hatem Sabaawy MSB, B610
1/18/17 Precision oncology: Exploring clonal dynamics in cancer Dr. Shridar Ganesan MSB, B610/10-11 AM