Clinical Care - Ryan White Program

Ryan White Program

The Infectious Disease Practice of University Hospital includes a Ryan White funded outpatient center for the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS infection in adults ages 16 and older. We provide quality medical care and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS and offer multi-specialty care onsite.   We work with all people regardless of their sexual orientation, race or ability to pay.

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The following services are available to our Ryan White patients:

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LIGHT Program

Our LIGHT Program (Linking Individuals to Get HIV Treatment) is available for all our new patients and those returning to care. Our staff will work with you to address any financial and/or psychosocial barriers  and help you navigate the clinic flow.  

Please call 973-972-1176 for further information.

  • Primary care with an assigned HIV specialist
  • Health Education and adherence counseling
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Social Services-Case management for housing/shelter and resource assistance


ID Practice physicians  refer our Ryan White patients to co-infection clinic for screening, treatment and  referrals  of complicated liver diseases by a board certified hepatologist. For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact Mario Portilla: 973-972-0320.

Medical Case Management

Medical Case Managers are here to help you problem solve some of the everyday challenges that come with living with HIV, such as protecting yourself and others from HIV and other STD’s, managing medications and dealing with depression and anxiety.

Medical case managers will help determine if you are eligible for the following programs:

  • Insurance for doctor visits and prescription drugs
  • Financial and income benefits
  • transportation
  • housing
  • food
  • dental care
  • support groups
  • mental health care and addiction treatment

Please contact Sandra Haim BSN MPH for additional information: 973-972-4698

Financial counseling

Our financial counselor will help you understand the different types of financial help available. She will screen for eligibility for financial assistance programs, including Medicaid, ADDP (AIDS Drugs Distribution Program),  PAAD (Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Aged and Disabled), Medicare, NJ Family Care and Charity Care. 

Please contact Burinda Aponte for additional information 973-972-6918

Mental Health

Our clinic is staffed with 2 fulltime mental health/substance abuse clinicians and a psychiatrist  on site once weekly.

Please contact Madeline Corredor MSW for additional information: 973-972-0746

Substance Abuse Counseling/Suboxone Program

A mental health/substance abuse clinician and a physician licensed to prescribe Buprenorphine treatment (Suboxone) are available on site.

Please contact Madeline Corredor MSW for additional information: 973-972-0746

Smoking Cessation

Clients interested in quitting smoking are offered smoking cessation counseling and medication therapy to quit smoking. Individualized counseling sessions to work on strategies to quit smoking are available to help patients in the quitting process.

Please contact Madeline Corredor MSW for additional information: (973) 972-0746

Gender-affirming Hormone Therapy

As a part of our comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment services, the ID Practice offers gender-affirming hormone therapy for transgender persons. Our program follows established guidelines by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health and is an important part of a holistic approach to wellness and preventive medicine.

Anal Cancer Screening Program

The ID Practice provides routineanal cancer screening as part of its HIV primary care. Weoffer office-basedhigh resolution anoscopy with biopsy to detect and diagnoseanal precancerous lesions and offer office-based treatment (ablative or medical therapy) topatients with anal dysplasia or precancerous lesions.

Women’s Health Program

Board certified gynecologists are available for ID Practice patients for screening, treatment and management of gynecological problems including anoscopy,  sexually transmitted diseases and referrals.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call Anna Haywood RN MSN: 973-972-0320.

Support groups

HIV patients can receive education and mutual encouragement in a private and confidential environment: MSM, Women, Haitian, Hispanic, Hep C support groups meet monthly.

Please contact Madeline Corredor MSW for additional information: 973-972-0746

Oral Health Program

Consumer Advisory Board

Research Community Advisory Board