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Our Residency Program Is Comprised of Extremely High Caliber Physicians With Diverse Interests And Backgrounds.


NJMS has a tradition of commitment to diversity and has fostered a spirit of inclusiveness for its highly diverse community, faculty, staff, residents and students. We recognize the impact that diversity has on the educational experience of all students and on the delivery of culturally competent quality healthcare, especially in a community as culturally diverse as Newark is.



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Being a Resident at Rutgers NJMS



Juan Bello Duverge, MD (PGY-III)

Diversity provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as the chance to expand your knowledge while diving into the wonders of the yet unknown. Coming to Rutgers NJMS Internal Medicine residency program has allowed me to engage in a supportive and academic work environment where exposure to complex cases promotes a constant drive to strive and learn. In addition, the camaraderie and mentoring support provided by peers and faculty have been of invaluable importance for clinical and research endeavors. Lastly, the chance of working in three different healthcare systems across distinct and diverse communities propels a comprehensive understanding of the socio-economic aspects of healthcare.




Radhika Malhotra, MD (PGY-II)

As a student at Rutgers NJMS, I quickly gained appreciation for the diversity in patient population as well as house staff, allowing for a wide range of learning opportunities. However, I quickly also realized that disparities in healthcare and outcomes were extreme in our Newark population due to differences in race and socioeconomic status. The IM/PM program is a great opportunity for exposure to a wide variety of clinical experiences inside and outside of the hospital. The focus in women’s health and connections with the OB/GYN department allow for an increased breadth of primary care and unique experiences for research and advocacy for women. Through education and exposure to the preventive medicine world, we learn how to affect larger-scale change outside of the patient room, hopefully decreasing disparities and improving access to care.


Dedication to Ongoing Improvement

At Rutgers NJMS, we have a commitment to ongoing reevaluation of our residents’ needs as learners, clinicians, and individuals beyond the workplace. Some recent examples which illustrate our program’s commitment to such improvement are listed below:

  • Frequent resident Town Halls with the program director to update residents on any improvements made to the program and provide a forum for sharing any suggestions for changes

  • A program-wide Open-Door Policy by program leadership and chief residents to allow multiple streams of communication to voice any concerns