Program Overview

Program Overview

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Preventive Medicine Residency Objectives:

The Program’s objectives will ensure that residents attain the competencies required for Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

A graduate of the NJMS General Preventive Medicine Residency will have met the following two major objectives:


1. Complete training assignments to ensure preventive medicine residents achieve all required PMR competencies and are Board-Eligible in Preventive Medicine

Each resident will have a variety of practicum and field assignments in order to attain the competencies required. At the end of training residents will be able to:

  • Work in inter-professional teams to enhance patient safety and improve patient care quality

  • Monitor, diagnose, and investigate community health problems

  • Inform and educate populations about health threats and risks

  • Develop policies and plans to support individual and community health efforts

  • Evaluate population-based health services

  • Characterize the health of a community

  • Design and conduct an epidemiologic study

  • Investigate and respond to a cluster or outbreakv

  • Implement appropriate clinical care for individuals with conditions of public health significance

  • Understand the value and role of Integrative Health Care for individuals and populations


2. Obtain an MPH degree

The residents will obtain the MPH degree at the Rutgers School of Public Health.  Residents who already have an MPH degree will be exempt from this requirement. The Rutgers School of Public Health seeks to improve health and prevent disease in diverse populations in New Jersey and around the world. Core components of the MPH curriculum include Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Behavior, and Health Policy.  The MPH is funded as part of the residency.


Prospective Careers in Preventive Medicine

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Click here to go to the American College of Preventive Medicine website online career center to search for potential career opportunities in Preventive Medicine!