Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Program Director's Welcome


Welcome! I'm glad to know that you are interested in our PM&R residency program here at New Jersey Medical School. We have a very dynamic program with outstanding residents, and I hope that you will consider joining us to continue your education and training. We take pride in our residents not only for their academic achievements and knowledge, but also for their humanism and the ability to provide the highest quality patient care.

Our residency program is committed to providing you with the best possible environment for learning Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. We have an excellent faculty to resident ratio (typically 1:1), and all faculty are chosen to be primary teaching faculty based on their teaching skills and clinical knowledge. Research opportunities are plentiful, and there are many experienced researchers to help you develop your research abilities.We also have many faculty in leadership roles on a national level, and we strive to foster leadership ability in our residents.

The diversity of patient care settings will expose you to a huge breadth of medical conditions, and will give you the knowledge base and confidence to pratice in any setting you choose after graduation. The environment for learning is warm and supportive, and residents are given a voice in the residency program so that we can change the program to meet your needs. I consider residency an opportunity for learning and great personal growth, and look forward to mentoring you along this path. I hope you will consider joining us!

Monifa Brooks, MD