National Teaching Award

Each year the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation presents its National Teaching Award to a visiting professor who is nationally recognized as an excellent leader in the field. Award winners help serve on the panel reviewing graduating trainees' research presentations as well as deliver a keynote presentation of their choosing. This award has been given each year by our department since its inception school-wide in 1987.

Teacher of the Year Award Winners

1988     Justus Lehmann, M.D.
1989     Frederic Kottke, M.D., Ph.D.
1990     Gerald Herbison, M.D.
1991     Rene Calliet, M.D.
1992     Barbara deLateur, M.D.
1993     George Kraft, M.D.
1994     Ernie Johnson, M.D.
1995     Mehrsheed Sinaki, M.D.
1996     Diane Cardenas, M.D.
1997     Stanley Herring, M.D.
1998     Daniel Dumitru, M.D.
1999     James Sliwa, D.O. 
2000     Andrew Haig, M.D.
2001     Lawrence Robinson, M.D.
2002     Kristjan Ragnarsson, M.D.
2003     Elliot Roth, M.D.
2004    Ross Zafonte, D.O.
2005    Teresa L. Massagli, M.D.
2006    William F. Micheo, M.D.
2007    Jacqueline J. Werstch, M.D.
2008    John Whyte, M.D., Ph.D.
2009    Steven Flanagan, M.D.
2010    Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD
2011    Michael L. Boninger, MD
2012    Adam B. Stein, MD


2013    Michael B. Stubblefield, MD
2014    Greg Lutz, MD
2015    Matthew N. Bartels, MD, MPH
2016    Alberto Esquenazi, MD
2017    Joel M. Press, MD
2018    Heidi Prather, DO
2019    Gerard Francisco, MD
2020-2022    OMITTED (due to the COVID 19 crisis)